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Over the years I've had the pleasure to lay down tracks for a lot of brands and artists. For some time now, Atlas Studios Amsterdam has become a wonderful place to carry out my work as a session guitarist with all the benefits of my own setup. Of course, I'll always fondly enjoy the routine of packing up my gear, drive to someone's studio, crack a few jokes with the engineer, all that jazz. However, the benefits of working from my own studio are huge:

- Since everything is already set up, I can lay down guitar parts at the blink of an eye! So, say you need your guitars before noon or last minute, you'll know who to call!

- Evidently, working fast not only means quick results, it's also cost effective! Tell me, how many times did you plan an all-day session with a musician for parts that could have been done in less than two hours!

- Let's not forget: you don't have to plan the session at your studio, which leaves you a lot of precious time while you leave the guitar session up to me!

Take a listen on this page for commercials and jingles. For more of an artistic/album songs kind of impression check out my latest EP 'Step by Step' under 'music' top right of this page. Also available on Spotify.

Questions or ready to book a session? Call +31 (0) 6 4646 3978 or mail to:

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